Snow Monsters - Dinosaurs - Felons - A Magical Umbrella - The Old West....

Seriously, what else could you ask for? If you want something completely different and cool, you have found your photographer.
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Oh so much fun! We spent 6+ hours in different locations to get just the right shots. Chuck and Alissa didn't miss a beat! Who else has a Wanted poster as their "save the date"??? The sunset was GORGEOUS that night and was perfect for our final shots! And yes, we ran away with all of the money :) 

The "Kingsman"

Yes, we know it is beyond awesome! And yes, that is the "umbrella"! Katherine and Aaron were absolutely amazing and they nailed every single pose! There was nothing that could have made this shoot any better than it was...because we ended it with beer and burgers!


The oldest saloon in Central City, Colorado, an equally old opera house, a road named aptly "Oh My God Road" and some big beautiful Red Rocks.  An all day shoot for Dave and Marie who wanted something "different" so we pulled some strings and got the opera house to ourselves and then pulled a few more strings and shot in the oldest saloon in Central City!! After that, we booked it to Red Rocks via OMG Road for a few final shots. Their wedding at the Riverbend Inn and Vineyard in Canada six months later was nothing short of stunning!!!


It was scary...we ran for our lives!


An engagement shoot like no other. Tim & Janessa are SO much fun and are the coolest people! The day began with a little backcountry skiing and then on to a team of beautiful, fluffy huskies at 10,000 ft on the west side of the continental divide! OMG, those sweet Huskies were soooo cute! It was cold but we didn't care...what an amazing experience! Well, except for the snow monster...that made us all pee our snow pants a little. We definitely had to go get a beer and a burger in Breckenridge...cuz mushing is hard work and encounters with snow monsters require adult beverages!!!!